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Authorization by Design

3Edges is a No-Code, Relationship-based Dynamic Authorization tool that authorizes access based on relationships between subjects, objects and actions.

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Future-Proof Your Business

Dynamic authorization is the cornerstone of our expertise. Unlike conventional static authorization models that grant fixed permissions, dynamic authorization involves real-time evaluation and enforcement of access controls.

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Zero Trust

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Identity and Access Management

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Verifiable Credentials

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Knowledge Graph Based Authorization

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A more secure and efficient way to manage access to resources

Dynamic authorization goes beyond the traditional static approach by offering real-time, context-aware, and adaptive access control. It provides businesses with a more secure and efficient way to manage access to resources, while also accommodating the complexities of modern IT environments and the evolving threat landscape.

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The Goal of Dynamic Authorization

Dynamic authorization works by evaluating access requests in real-time based on a variety of factors, including user attributes, contextual information, environmental conditions, and policy rules. The goal is to determine whether a user should be granted access to a specific resource or perform a certain action at that particular moment.

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