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Authorization by Design

3Edges is a Relationship-based Dynamic Authorization tool that authorizes access based on relationships between subjects, objects and actions.

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Visual Authorization 

Draw your Authorization Policy and collaborate with Application Business Owners, Security Professionals, Software and UI/UX Engineers, Auditors​, End Users, and much more

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Easy Relationship Based Access

Model your policies directly in Graph

Paired with powerful graphical UI tooling, use relationship models to build secure access easily.

Seamless Operations to Reduce DevOps Cost

Auto-deployed API server to keep your authorization data up-to-date
Microservices architecture to drive security and scale
Authorization microservices unique to each API
Differentiate policy management from applications seamlessly
Easily manage inventory of authorization policies
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Code fits SDLC and development pipelines

Start Securing your APIs and Data now!

Get Started with 3Edges

Start Now
3Edges is free to use. Add Authorization to your applications along with Open Source Models to start you off.
Need help with 3Edges? Check out the information in our Documentation.
3Edges Enterprise
Have a large project and team? Speak to us about how we can accommodate.
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