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Dynamic State of Authorization Webinar

Presented by Alex Babeanu
CTO of 3Edges


‍Growth in digital and physical assets, as well as mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, combined with huge volumes of data, has increased the complexity of the data to a point where traditional methods for controlling access don’t work well anymore. This new and modern ecosystem requires novel and scalable approaches to access control.

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry is responding to these challenges by supplying a new breed of dynamic authorization solutions, such as 3Edges. ​

As an extension of Alex's presentation at the 2023 European Identity and Cloud Conference by KuppingerCole Analysts AG, Alex will recap his presentation and elaborate more on certain elements within this webinar.


A live Q&A will also take place allowing for an open discussion about Graphs, GBAC, and more.

Alex has been involved in Graphs and Graph databases for Identity and Access Management for almost 10 years. As a graph-certified and IAM-accredited consultant, he has implemented solutions for clients in the field in both Cloud and Hybrid environments. Over the years, Alex has been evangelizing the Graph approach for Access Management at various Graph and IAM conferences and published many papers and blogs on the topic.

As an active and founding member of the IDPro organization and a member of its editorial committee, Alex helps review and publish content for the monthly IDPro publications. Alex now leads the research and development of the 3Edges startup, which created the best and easiest to use Graph platform on the market, specifically for building identity-aware graph-based applications. Alex holds an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems from the University of Edinburgh, UK, and is an avid Sci-Fi enthusiast.

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