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3Edges 3.6 is out, packed with tons of features

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Time flies, especially when you’re hard at work researching and building new features. Today, we’ve released version 3.6 of 3Edges. That is already a lot of releases for a relatively young product, but this release will nevertheless surely show its maturity.

We truly believe we've built the best platform for Graph-based Apps. 3Edges is gaining a reputation for enabling developers to quickly and securely build GraphQL APIs without writing any code. This release has made it even easier...

One-Click API

You can now one-click generate and deploy API servers automatically to our cloud. The 3Edges PaaS ensures you can have your servers up and running in a couple of minutes. This one-click deployment reduces your App development time because 3Edges takes care of all the cloud networking, plumbing and the necessary security.

We have now released a full UI Dashboard on top of the GraphQL API servers. The Dashboard enables you to register and manage new OpenID/Oauth2 clients for each API server, so you can use them securely. To facilitate rapid testing of your API, the Dashboard enables you to generate a Client access token right in the UI and start iterative testing right away. We will keep improving this dashboard with features such as user management, monitoring, data visualization and more.

Furthermore, integration with external OpenID Connect or Oauth2 providers has now become much simpler too. We’ve added new pages for configuring those to the 3Edges UI. You can now easily integrate your 3Edges API with the likes of Auth0, ForgeRock or any other OIDC providers in a few clicks.

In the background, our SaaS service mesh provides deployed API servers with auto-scaling. Transparently updating your API servers from the UI supports as many replicas of your API service as needed thus assuring the best performance from your API at all times.

With this release, API Throttling is added to all the APIs that 3Edges generates. GraphQL APIs are notoriously vulnerable to onerous query requests, where a single “deep” query request could potentially hang the whole service. Using Query cost analysis before running the query now ensures that no single query will bring down your whole system! Throttling happens transparently in the background, just like the gathering of OOTB Prometheus metrics, which has been around for a few releases now. Anyway, you can rest assured that your 3Edges APIs will keep running just fine. We’ll make the throttling parameters modifiable to our Enterprise clients, which will allow them to fine-tune them to suit their needs.

Finally, we’ve spent a lot of time on stability and reliability making this release the most stable yet. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and Register for free!


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