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Making it easy for you to enable secure, reliable and visible Authorization for your APIs and Applications is our mission.

Join the trend and build the app you need, with no unexpected costs.

3Edges Graph Asset

Cloud Hosting


The right choice for personal use and evaluation


  • 1 3Edges User

  • 1 API Authorization Server

  • CSV Data Loader

  • 1 GB Data Pass-Through

  • 60 Requests per Minute

  • Dedicated Neo4j Aura Instance - up to 50k nodes and 175k relationships


Great for teams, startups, SMEs and more


per month

  • Unlimited 3Edges Users

  • 4 API Authorization Servers

  • CSV Data Loader

  • 5 GB Data Passthrough Per API Server*

  • 60 Requests per Minute

  • Dedicated Neo4j Aura Instance

  • API Authorizations

  • No DB Support

  • 8x5 3Edges Support

  • 1 Fully Managed 1-Click Setup to Neo4j Aura Pro DB - up to 64 GB memory**

* $2 per additional GB/month

** $70 per additional DB per month


Fully managed enterprise

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Pro Features 

  • SSO Integrations

  • Analytics

  • Data Management Dashboard

  • Dedicated VPC and Infra

  • Custom Data Pass-Through

  • Up to 256 GB Memory per DB

  • Data Backups

  • Full 24/7 Production and Development DB Support, 365 Days a Year

  • 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime 

Self Hosting

3Edges SaaS

For API Designers, Developers, Architects, and more


per user/month

  • Unlimited Organizations

  • Unlimited API Servers

  • OIDC / OAuth Integration

API Server

Users with their own API Server


per user/month

  • Easy Deployment

  • Unlimited API Servers

  • GraphQL API

  • AuthZ Server

  • Dataloader

Can't Decide?

Contact us and we will help you determine what is best for you and your organization.

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