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Authorization by Design

3Edges is a Relationship-based Dynamic Authorization tool that authorizes access based on relationships between subjects, objects and actions.

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Dynamic authorization provides businesses with the tools they need to secure their data, streamline access control processes, and ensure compliance.

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In a world where digital interactions are ubiquitous, trust is the currency of the future. Our Verifiable Credential feature enables organizations to establish trust in online transactions and interactions, reducing fraud and building confidence among users.

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By leveraging ​​3Edges in a Zero Trust architecture, organizations can create a more resilient and adaptive security posture. Model, analyze, and visualize intricate relationships across the network for proactive threat detection, context-aware access controls, and dynamic policy enforcement.

Future-Proof Your Business

Dynamic authorization is the cornerstone of our expertise. Unlike conventional static authorization models that grant fixed permissions, dynamic authorization involves real-time evaluation and enforcement of access controls.

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Zero Trust

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Knowledge Graphs

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Graph Migration

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Verifiable Credentials

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A more secure and efficient way to manage access to resources

Dynamic authorization goes beyond the traditional static approach by offering real-time, context-aware, and adaptive access control. It provides businesses with a more secure and efficient way to manage access to resources, while also accommodating the complexities of modern IT environments and the evolving threat landscape.

Our Partners


Before the world had a term for it, Nulli has been protecting and managing identities for companies of all sizes.

Nulli creates custom solutions for 100+ Global Identity and Access Management (IAM) clients. Nulli solves complex problems and looks down every path before presenting a solution that pushes the world of IAM forward. As Identity Management leaders, Nulli integrated graph with IAM and IoT before anyone in the industry.

Verifiable Credentials prove your workforce is qualified and help protect your organization from unauthorized access.

Credivera brings employees, employers, and issuers together in real-time to ensure professionals achieve full value on the credentials they rely on. Addressing self-sovereignty and Web3 allows everyone to act quickly and with confidence to reduce workplace risk and operate with full compliance at all times.

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Neo4j and Graph Databases can provide enhanced role mining, identity analytics, and enhanced access control, ensuring a deeper investment in your IAM/CIAM program.

Integration of the Neo4j graph database and the ForgeRock Identity Platform allows you to secure every person and every thing based on their unique digital relationships. We can develop and implement solutions to streamline, grow and de-risk your business.

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The Goal of Dynamic Authorization

Dynamic authorization works by evaluating access requests in real-time based on a variety of factors, including user attributes, contextual information, environmental conditions, and policy rules. The goal is to determine whether a user should be granted access to a specific resource or perform a certain action at that particular moment.

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