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B2B2C is a popular business model where two companies partner to sell the same products to the same customers, with a slightly different service or offering, or while providing a different User Experience

B2* and Mergers

The problem is also exactly the same for mergers and acquisitions. In these cases, organizations with heterogeneous systems must share data among each-other, grant proper access to their respective resources and ensure that their respective clients are presented with expanded products and services, while maintaining good user Experience.

3Edges is built to handle such complex scenarios!

Many Partners

There are no limits to the number of partners any organization can have. The term “B2B2C” assumes just one such partnership between two Businesses, which is rather limiting. We much prefer the term “B2*”, as it encompasses any number of partners.

​​3Edges can help model the various partnerships easily through its drag-and-drop GUI, and help make sense of any real-world complexity.



B2* Environments, as well as mergers and acquisitions, require a lot of data sharing: products, customers but also internal users and services must be shared across organizations in order to ensure smooth operation of the whole system. Modeling such data from different systems is a challenge for legacy systems such as LDAP Directories or SQL Databases. Ensuring internal and external users can only access what they are entitled becomes a very complex problem in these shared environments.


Data Sharing

A lot of data needs to be shared across all these merging or partnering organizations, requiring data-level segregation and fine-grained access control.

3Edges enables you to easily split your big data into smaller sub-graph chunks, which you can then share and protect easily; data segregation by design. All done graphically and securely in minutes without writing any code!

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Generate Revenue

Access Control solutions are generally cost centers, implemented as a “necessary evil” for compliance or to increase an organization’s security posture. This is particularly true in B2* environments or during mergers and acquisitions, when Access Control is part of the cost of the merger. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Because 3Edges is built on top of Graph Databases, the Identity data itself can be used to provide product recommendations, identify business opportunity based on user/customer behavior, and generally provide business intelligence that can directly impact the bottom line. In short, 3Edges can help you generate revenue!

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