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Relationship-Based Access Control (ReBAC), Next-Generation Access Control (NGAC), and Knowledge-Based Access Control (KBAC)

All Kinds of Access Control

ReBAC, NGAC, and KBAC takes access control to a new level. It empowers organizations to create access policies that are incredibly granular and precise. With these access control types, you can define access rules based on user attributes, resource attributes, and relationships, ensuring that each access decision aligns perfectly with your organization's security needs.

Fine-Grained Control

Recursive Flexibility

Dynamic Adaptability

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Navigating complex regulatory landscapes requires a robust access control system.

ReBAC, NGAC, and KBAC simplifies compliance by enabling you to create policies that align seamlessly with industry-specific regulations and data protection laws.

User Attributes

Resource Attributes

Hierarchies and Structures

Recursive Authorization Capatilities

The world of data and access is dynamic. The dynamic nature of ReBAC, NGAC, and KBAC allows policies to adapt in real-time as attributes and relationships change. This means that your access control remains effective even as your organization evolves.

Join the Dynamic Revolution

Traditional access control models often struggle to accommodate complex relationships between users and resources. ReBAC, NGAC, and KBAC excels in these scenarios by providing recursive authorization capabilities. It can handle hierarchies, nested structures, and intricate data relationships with ease.

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