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The 3Edges Product

By considering contextual information such as user behaviour, device attributes, transaction history, and even prevailing regulatory conditions, our solutions ensure that the right individuals access the right resources at the right time – all while maintaining an unmatched level of security.

How It Works

It all starts with an idea 

Start by creating a vision of the objects (data, devices, apps etc.) that you want to control access over by the authorization server.   


Remember it can be a subset of the total model since you create limitless authorization models unique to each use case if that suits your needs.

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Draw the Model

The Model Design Canvas lets you drag-and-drop objects, relationships and actions for objects.

You can change the model as often as you like since 3Edges manages all the code creation and changes in the background.

Engage your peers to collaborate on the relationship modelling.

Draw the Model

Draw Authorization Paths

We use Relationship-Based Access Control, an intuitive and powerful way of defining the relationship of an action (Read, Write etc) over an object as it relates to the subject wanting to carry out the action.

Draw Authorization Paths

With One Click, 3Edges (re)Builds and Deploys your Service

With a single click 3Edges (re)builds your authorization service and links it to an API server.

Now your applications can authenticate and authorize only those users with the appropriate relationships.

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Build, Deploy, Repeat
Flexible Plans to Suit Your Needs
Self Hosting and Cloud Hosting and Hybrid are available. Get started for free,
contact us to discuss how we might address your authorization questions.
Self Hosting
For users with an API
For Application Owners, Designers, Developers, and Architects
Authorization Server
For users with an API they want to secure
Cloud Hosting
Personal Use and POC Evaluations
For teams, startups, and SMEs
Fully managed for your organization or self-managed - we're flexible.
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