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Graph databases and data models offer organizations a lot of benefits, ranging from making sense of complexity, modeling complex systems and as a basis for solid insights and analytics.

Graph Enablement

However, there are several challenges that organizations face when considering the adoption of graph databases…

Security and Compliance

Problem: Implementing security measures and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations are important considerations when adopting any database technology, including graph databases.

3Edges solution: Security and Access Control are 3Edges’ strong points. We generate fully-secure, and penetration-tested auto-generated services. We log all actions, and provide reasons for all access decisions. 3Edges also keeps track of user actions and accesses over time, therefore ensuring all audit and compliance efforts become effortless.

Integration with existing apps and systems

Problem: Organizations often have many existing apps and systems that use legacy databases. Adopting a new kind of database may result in complete rewrites of existing systems.

3Edges solution: 3Edges is a service generator. It creates and deploys its services to fit exactly your custom needs. These services can be adopted and used progressively as required. Besides, 3Edges’ powerful, event-based integration engine can seamlessly integrate with your existing off-the-shelf systems.

Change Management and Integrations

Problem: Introducing a new database technology can require changes to existing processes, workflows, and development methodologies. Organizations need to manage this change effectively to ensure a smooth transition.

3Edges solution: Our simple and powerful data loader, as well as data segregation features make it easy to adopt and transition in your own time. 3Edges also provides an event-based integration engine to easily integrate with any target system and keep changes synchronized over time. Its API auto-generation capabilities make it really easy to integrate with any existing ecosystem.

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Skills and Training

Problem: Developing, maintaining, and querying graph databases require specialized skills. Organizations need to invest in training their existing team or hiring new talent with graph database expertise.


3Edges solution: With its no-code drag-and-drop platform, 3Edges makes graph adoption a breeze. Built for Developers but also for business users, 3Edges’ intuitive GUI makes it easy to learn, experiment and build full-fledged graph applications in no time.

Tooling and Ecosystem

Problem: The graph database ecosystem is as mature as that of traditional relational databases. Finding the right tools, libraries, and frameworks for development, monitoring, and management can be limited.


3Edges solution: 3Edges provides all the tooling necessary to use Graph Databases easily and efficiently. 3Edges is database agnostic, and provides out-of-the-box metrics, security and APIs.

Vendor Lock-In

Problem: Choosing a Graph Database platform potentially leads to vendor lock-in.


3Edges solution: 3Edges is committed to being a Graph Agnostic platform. You bring your own Graph Database and we will simply use it! 3Edges can also provide a unique front-end to various backend platforms.

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