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We are at the forefront of the revolutionary Zero Trust approach, seamlessly integrating principles with the power of Dynamic Authorization.

Graphs + Zero Trust

Zero Trust is an approach to cybersecurity that assumes no implicit trust within the network, regardless of whether a user is inside or outside the network perimeter.


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Contextual Access Control: ​​3Edges can model user identities, roles, permissions, and relationships. This enables fine-grained access control based on context, such as user behavior, device attributes, location, and historical access patterns. Access decisions are made dynamically based on this context.


User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Anomaly Detection: ​​3Edges uses Graph backends, which can track and analyze user and entity behavior, building profiles of normal behavior. Deviations from these patterns can be detected and flagged as potential security threats, helping to identify compromised accounts or insider threats.

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Threat Intelligence

Relationship Mapping: ​​3Edges can capture relationships between entities, such as users, devices, applications, and data. This can help in mapping out potential attack paths and identifying patterns indicative of malicious activit

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Incident Response

Incident Visualization: ​​3Edges can visualize the connections between different elements in the network, aiding incident response teams in understanding the scope and impact of a security breach.



Network Segmentation: ​​3Edges can assist in defining and enforcing network segmentation policies based on relationships between different assets. This helps prevent lateral movement by limiting communication between segments.


Device and Endpoint Security

Device Trust: ​​3Edges can store device attributes and trust levels, helping to determine whether a device is allowed access based on its security posture.


Third-Party Risk Management

Vendor Relationships: ​​3Edges can model relationships with third-party vendors and assess the risk associated with those relationships. This is essential for ensuring that external partners adhere to Zero Trust principles.


Continuous Monitoring

Real-Time Insights: ​​3Edges enables real-time monitoring of data relationships and access patterns through its Event Processing Point (EPP), allowing security teams to respond quickly to emerging threats.



Large-Scale Networks: ​​3Edges and underlying Graph databases can handle complex relationships and vast amounts of data, making them suitable for organizations with extensive networks and numerous entities to manage.

By leveraging ​​3Edges in a Zero Trust architecture, organizations can create a more resilient and adaptive security posture. The ability to model, analyze, and visualize intricate relationships across the network enables proactive threat detection, context-aware access controls, and dynamic policy enforcement, all of which are essential components of the Zero Trust security model.

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